1 The Beer Diet: The Beginning

Evo Terra

Sept 26, 2011

Did you hear the one about the guy whose diet consisted of nothing but craft beer and sausage for the month of October?

Me either. But you’re about to. Me too, since I’m the guy. That’s right. During the month of October 2011, my calories will only come from craft beer and sausage. Yeah. I’m serious. And yes, I’m being monitored by a physician.

You see, I like craft beer. A lot. I’ve been pondering the idea of a “beer fast” for sometime now and am ready to give it a shot. The month that Oktoberfest takes its name from seems a good time to try it. And unlike those who’ve attempted to re-create the monks’ habit of fasting with beer only, I’m playing fully into the spirit of the season, adding sausage to my diet. Hey, my doctor says I need a little protein to retain muscle mass, and who the hell am I to argue with a doctor? Especially when he says I need to eat sausage!

The Plan

My plan is pretty simple and is as follows:

  • Keep the protein intake to about 30 grams daily. That’s not a lot. According to MyFitnessPal, that’s about one big sausage link.
  • Drink beer. I only drink quality craft beers, and they bring their own protein to the party. Not much, but some.
  • Keep total calories around 1700 per day. With the kind of beer I drink, that roughly becomes 5 or 6 beers, plus a sausage. A day. Every day. Morning. Noon. Night. Oh, and three other times. Life is good.

Then it’s rinse and repeat for the entire month of October. Which, with client meetings and business-related travel, will be interesting. But I’m nothing if not tenacious.Yes, I’ll drink plenty of water. And I’m rather addicted to my morning yerba mate, so that’s continuing. But other foods are out. Call me crazy.

Follow my progress

I’m also reaching out to the fine folks that run Untappd, a beer check-in app that I’ve been evangelizing for a while. I’m hoping to convince them to make a special badge for people who drink along with me. No, I don’t expect you to try to keep up. But maybe you’ll win a badge if you drink one beer with me each day, or maybe 5 of the beers I check into each week. Not quite sure how that all works. I’ll leave it to them.

Untappd is the best place to keep up with my daily drinking, though I will try to post a daily re-cap on my blog as well. I’’ve  already secured the http://brewdiet.com domain and will point it to my updates. So if you already follow me on Twitter (hint: I’ve moved recently) or are my friend on Facebook, you’ll see the Untappd postings show up there, too.

[Evo’s note: That was three years ago. Today I spend most of my time on Google+. So if you feel like following, that’s the best place to find me. For now.]

Calling all Magic Fridge supporters…

For those of you who have been following me for a long time, you’ll recall something called “The Magic Fridge” from years ago. I’d like to kick that off again, as I have a mostly empty refrigerator just waiting for a chance to shine. Should you wish to contribute to my month-long experiment, contact me and I’ll send you shipping information.

Please be advised that there may be laws against shipping beer from your state. I’m pretty sure there’s no law against me receiving beer, as I’ve had it shipped before. Wrap bottles in bubble wrap and pack tightly with more wrapping on the box sides (all six of them), and the bottles should make the trip. Please include a note so I can give credit where credit is due. While our grocery bill will go down, our beer bill will certainly go up. Your support—should you choose to give it—will be much appreciated.

Someone get a doctor!

And as I said earlier, I am doing this under doctor’s supervision. I’ll see Dr. Terry Simpson (MD, FACS) each and every week. Quite possibly at his place while he’s cooking up some sausage dish for me. He says he has reindeer sausage. How can I pass that up? Terry and I are both skeptics, so we’re looking forward to gathering some data on this process. Yes, we realize the sample size is a touch on the small side, but a sample size of one will still gather more data than the Paleo diet has acquired.

And speaking of data; here’s where I’m starting:

 Body Type: Standard
 Gender: Male
 Age: 43
 Height: 5′11″
 Weight: 199 lbs
 BMI: 28.6
 Fat %: 25.3
 Fat Mass: 50.51 lbs

That’s me. Not too shabby. I’ve never been a thin man or of an athletic build. Hell, not even when I was a kid. But all things considered, I could be in worse shape.

Weekly, I’ll post the new numbers. I don’t really have a weight-loss goal with this, though Terry thinks I’ll shed at least 8 pounds and drop a few percentage points. I suppose that all depends on how well I stick to the plan, right? Here’s to hoping.

Wow. All this writing is making me thirsty. Beer, anyone?


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